All Dem Shades

Decided to start a series where I spotlight all of the brands that I love. Lately, I’ve been trying to support Black owned businesses so when I stumbled across All Dem Shades on Instagram, I knew I had to show them love!

I love that they celebrate all shades of us both through their digital aesthetic and the products that they offer. What’s even cuter is that they also offer clothes for your favorite toddler. When I grew up, being dark skinned was never celebrated. My kinky curls was considered to be other, and I struggled to find products that made me feel beautiful. Fast forward to 2017, and although we’ve come a long way, the media and racists alike love to bring us down, so thank God for people and brands like All Dem Shades that continue to uplift us.

I bought the Hella Black and Hella Proud bomber and have received compliments everywhere that I go. They have a long list of things to make you feel strong and empowered in all of your shades. Cheers to Black Girl Magic!


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